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Draw Your Grocery Store

02-12-2012 Well yes it's not my grocery store but it is a cabinet that would not be full had it not all been acquired from the grocery store.  It was kind of cool sitting on the counter across the room looking into this.  Also it's made me realize the way I catagorize things.  Healthy on the bottom not so healthy on the top.  It's as if I wanted to keep what was the best for us at eye level to force its use.  Drawing is if nothing else a good way to internalize the external world.

EDM 276


  1. I really like your pantry =) I love mine too, and the sketch is beautiful

  2. what a great idea! I wonder what people would say if I sat down on the floor at the grocery store to draw? It's already impossible to get through the isles! Love this.

  3. Great idea for the sketch, everyone should do it...we'd learn so much about people!


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