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Draw Perfume or a Scented Product

02-11-2012 For my Everyday Matters list this is my collection of body sprays and lotions that I keep displayed in our room.  I got all of these as presents from my husband this year and last year for Christmas.  I love going to the mall at Christmas time and these are a great present for the excuse to go.  I used to keep them in the cabinet next to the bathroom this year I decided to get a little fancier with them and bought a vintage tray to display them out where I can see them everyday.  Done with Micron fine line pens and Prismacolor watercolor pencils in my EDM Moleskine.

EDM 251

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  1. Nice! I thought every woman would have something similar, and would appreciate perfumes as gifts anytime...until my wife told me she's had enough after just a couple.... :) I was wrongly educated I guess


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