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Winter Squirrel's Preparations

My submission for this week's Illustration Friday prompt "Prepare" drawn with Micron pens and Prismacolor colored pencils.

We have a squirrel that lives in a nest high in the tree farthest from the house. He enjoys coming up on our deck and gazing over 'his' property. One day I caught him up there licking on a straw from a discarded milkshake cup. He has also been known to like licking cheese off of discarded taco bell packages.

When I was baking holiday cookies I threw a peanut butter one out for him. He promptly took it and hid it, unfortunate for him I thought as the rain would surely melt it in time. What actually happened was our Shetland Sheepdog Star ate it. Poor squirrel should have stuck to acorns.


  1. I can see his personality in the drawing, Nice!

  2. Congrats on getting your work featured!

  3. Congrats on being featured on pick of the week :)


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