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Shimmering Striped Bass Drawing - 400th Post!

01-12-2012  This is my 400th Post WOOHOO......I drew this fish in response to Draw! Sketch! Doodles! prompt fish.  I used Pitt pens in all different sizes and Copic markers.  I love fishing I haven't done it in many years but it used to be my favorite activity during September and October every year.  In NJ Striped Bass are the number one saltwater fish to chase.  I'm partial and that's my opinion but let's just say it's fact.  Let's face it; there are online forums devoted to them, vehicles driving all over the place with their stickers in the back window and there are even charter boat trips.  What I think sets the striper apart from the other run of the mill plate fish is the fight.  You get one of those fish on the line you know it.  Scream, "FISH ON!" and get ready for a thrill.  They will do alligator death rolls to get off the hook.   It's a wrestling match of pull and release, gentle then muscle hard.  Fishing is a challenge when you think about it.  What's the likelihood that you are going to get a fish on your 1 millimeter wide fishing line in a 728 billion gallon fish tank?


  1. absolutely beautiful in design and colors and your comments !!! And Congratulations!!!! 400..yikes !

  2. Congratulations! I'm about at your halfway point, I think. I once did a marlin for a friend as a t-shirt design. I got rid of the gills because they were so ugly. Great for the design; bad for the fish. Love your pen work, and the way the fish twists just so.


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