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Seamstress Box Doodle

01-06-2012 The theme for January's Sketchbook Challenge is "Doodling" I actually find doodling to be pretty difficult.  Many of the things I draw come from what I see to doodle this meant for me to have no guidelines.  I felt very threatened.

This two page spread was done in my cheapy sketchbook just so if it came out badly I wouldn't feel as if I wasted prime sketchbook real estate.  If you maintain a few books you understand exactly what I'm saying.  I started with the big flowers with the large scroll tails and just went from there.When it was done it kind of reminded me of pieces of printed cloth laying together with the first flowers as baubles perched on top.  I was tempted to add color but felt that to go that extra step took it beyond doodle into a production of sorts.

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  1. The first rule of doodling is... there are no rules. ;)

    This is really neat. You achieved some great 3-dimensional effects and some really nice details. I know what you mean about worrying about pages in your book!


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