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Illustration Friday Pick of the Week

01-21-2012   This week has been truly incredible for the entire family.  Let's quickly recap.

My husband has been making marked progress building his motorcycle after finishing the frame welding he's moved on to the tank.  He's a critic heavy on the negative but eventually, with a lot of brow furrowing, he'll create something he is pleased with.  Our one year old daughter has finally decided to join the walking after almost 3 months of speculative consideration.  Our three year old daughter is as happy as a clam with a morning featuring snow and the fantasy of what she can create.  Our seventeen year old daughter got her permit and has officially driven on the road.

For me personally my husband brought home a Papillon, I've wanted one of these dogs for many years.  The first day he was home my mom came over and we went shopping for him.  My favorite thing about him is that he is an adult dog and housebroken.  Last night he jumped up on my lap in the rocker and we read a book together.  The only thing missing?  A cup of tea but I wasn't going to disturb him to get it.  To finish up the week I woke up to a comment on my blog congratulating me?  I found out that my Winter Squirrels Preparations drawing has been featured as Illustration Friday's Pick of the Week.  Over 500 talented artists participated with the "Prepare" theme.  That is what I call a Fabulous Week.

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  1. Isn't it great when you have weeks like that!! Congratulations!! With many more to come :))


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