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Draw Something Under Water

01-05-2012  A quick sketch in the red Moleskine reserved just for Every Day Matters done with Micron 01 pen and Faber Castell brush warm grays.  The red to the right was the band for around the book.  I usually photograph this book with a camera but my scanner was close by so I popped it in.  I'm always concerned when putting books into the scanner that the edges will catch and fold.  So I'll take a little red thing sneaking in over a fold any day.

This is what I viewed in my rinse container after I put my India ink brush into it.  The ink seemed to linger like wispy clouds I really wanted to enjoy looking at it rather than swish it so my poor brush sat with its head cocked in an awkward position for a wee bit.  It felt good to finally spot something to match up to the list that I have been working on from top down and bottom up.  Next two coming up are 12 - Dinner and 314 - With a Knob.

EDM 315


  1. Wonderful drawing! I also like the patterns the ink in water create. Great capture!

  2. Ha, ha, it is under water isn't it...nice take on the subject!


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