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Virtual Traveling Sketchbook

12-30-2011 Darcy over at her blog Art and Sole has suggested an interesting project called the Postcard Challenge 2012.  I considered joining along but after some careful consideration realized that I wasn't very interested in the correspondences as much as I am interested in the country prompts that she plans on sharing weekly.  So as a follow/deviation I've decided to use two of my Cahier Moleskines as travel sketch log books.  With her prompts I'll be able to visit my virtual travel destinations online.  Hopefully I will find things that inspire me.  She will announce the destination country on Monday and I will be posting my completed sketches after Friday each week.  This travel sketch book has already started as a travel log with my virtual visits to the Elbow of Cross Ledge Light the Ship John Shoal Light and the  Emlen Physick Estate so this should be a lot of fun.  I created the cover for the first book tonight, it's soft pink simple but sweet.  I really liked the birds and the butterfly's hinting at traveling but also they were from cards I received from artist friends a long time ago.  So when I look at them I get an added smile.  I believe there is french written inside the birds and the ticket in the middle says London Transport.  I'm ready...

Travel Sketchbook

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