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Christmas Decorations Journal Page

12-19-2011 I've been happily living the life that I always wanted to blog about and finding that while life is busily lived it is rarely measured.  I took a moment to sketch a few of the objects that make up the current activities of our lives in a journal page.  Though not done slow enough to render them accurately it was enough to get the point across for my memories sake.  It was also a wonderful chance to pull out my Gelly Roll pens for some added glitter and glitz.



  1. What a fun journal page! Thanks for reminding of gel pens....they will make a great addition to my journal page I'm currently working on. I just love it when inspiration comes knocking at the door just in time. :)

  2. I love gel pens too -- I use them for so many things. I love what you said -- a life busily lived is rarely measured. That's so true!

  3. This truly is a "joyful" journal page. I love the color and movement and I wish the glitz was able to come through. I do love sparkle!

  4. I have spent the past two weeks telling myself I need to capture some of the festive spirit! trees are up, busy creating with the kids in class, buying pressies and making cards - need to get some of it recorded to remember when the grey January days roll up I think! Great page and great idea!x

  5. The colours really stand out, lovely page!


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