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Draw a Map

11-12-2011 I got the idea for this map from a fellow artist it was so much fun to see how children's lives can be so similar.  This was my childhood backyard and the yellow dots are the path I took from home to my tent in the backyard avoiding hot lava, attacking alligators etc.  I'm saving this to add to my art journaling, I had so many good memories relived when I drew this.  It's such a pleasure when art can do that.

EDM 230


  1. How lovely to have a record of your childhood Shangri-la!!

  2. What a great memory to have and be able to record in such a fun way!

  3. I remember seeing someone post a map like this...forget who it was! I had thought it sounded like a fun thing to do but never got around to it. Yours looks fun!


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