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Fishing Vessel

11-02-2011 Today I had no pending art to create so I've decided to use Art Every Day Month as my excuse to draw anything my heart desires on the days that projects aren't available to post.  An excuse to start another Moleskine now I'm running three at once.  Yummy, sounds like fun right?  Oh it is, VERY. 

Today I drew the fishing vessel Northwestern from Discovery's Deadliest Catch.  Discovery has a lot of shows my husband and I enjoy watching.  I chose this particular boat because it is white and it is easier to see the lines and details.  We are equally fans of all the boat captains and crews so it wasn't a favoritism thing.  Or maybe it is?  I think the photo I worked from made the angle a little fish eyed and I tried to correct it.  Sketching in real life would have been the best way as mentioned by Jackie Simmonds in her great blog post about working from photos.  It's a little tough to get up to Alaska and hang out on the docks let alone being like, "Hey Sig would you mind angling the F/V toward me as I'm sketching it from a smaller boat in front of you?  Going for that whole crab's eye view thing, yeah man, thanks."  Uh, no not so doable.  Thanks to the master hook thrower for sharing the photograph.  AEDM Day Two

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