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11-14-2011 This post answers two art needs: Art Every Day Month and Illustration Friday this will be my first IF submission the topic was Silent.  I've followed along for about a month with no creative urges with the suggestions.  It was easy to decide what to draw this time because my daughter was sleeping in her swing after a long morning of teething fuss and yes I was truly enjoying the silence.  I'm looking forward to her good days again.  Her giggles are contagious and her eyes fill up with the biggest look of love I've ever seen in any human being when she looks at me.  All my girls have me wrapped around their finger.  Let's just hope they don't take advantage of that.  I've also included a quick sketch of our 3 yr old playing Play Doh at the kitchen table since I didn't get time to post for AEDM yesterday.  AEDM Day Fourteen


  1. Both very cute. The baby in the car seat is adorable. It does look like a quiet, stolen moment. :)


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