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HollyAnn Character Illustration

10-19-2011 This is my interpretation of HollyAnn for an anthropomorph (human like animal) character request.  These were the details I had to work with when creating her:

Description: A chubby/plus-sized, pastel-coloured fox. She has lilac fur, yellow fox markings (yellow around her eyes, yellow ear tips, yellow under her muzzle and down the front of her neck/chest/belly, yellow tail tip), pink hair that's parted slightly to the left and comes in layers, and blue eyes. She usually wears a hot pink or mint green T-shirt, blue jean vest, blue boot-flare jeans, and black clogs (or sometimes barefoot), and has glasses.

Personality: Bubbly, happy-go-lucky, is somewhat over-joyed or hyper when she sees something of interest or things that she likes, often times silly. Sometimes she tends to see the world with a child-like curiousity.

Other things to note: Possible themes that work well with HollyAnn - cupcakes (either enjoying one, or baking them; snow/winter/snowflakes, Christmas, celebrating her Birthday, blowing bubbles

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