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God in the Machine

10-27-2011 I signed up for the AFA God in the Machine swap today. "For this swap you will create cards that prominently feature one or more machines. Technology drives our lives and dominates our time. Honor it by paying attention to all the details. These can be simple machines (a can opener) or complex (the inner workings of a wrist watch) or even something abstract."  My daughters and I were baking Pumpkin Spice bread this morning the machines that make our lives easier laid out before us and just like that I knew they needed to be drawn.  This is actually the second time I've drawn this coffee maker, big coffee fan right here folks.  It's funny the coffee maker was the first item I'd ever sketched standing up if you've never done it you should try.  It's an experience I strongly suggest for any serious artist.

Slicing Machine

Mixing Machine

Coffee Machine

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  1. Nice compilations of "machines" =) A lot of times people forget how simple tools we used today designed to make our lives easier, was so carefully thought of, and very clever indeed. We'd never fully appreciate them until we need them and we don't have them... or when we actually sketch them. This is a wonderful appreciation ^^


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