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Draw Your Watch

10-05-2011 This is the watch that I used when I was little.  I lost it at the playground when I was five.  It was a pretty significant memory for me.  It was purchased for me at a yard sale so it didn't cost much.  I didn't think it was that big of a deal to lose.  Especially since I really didn't care about the watch it was like carrying a school lesson strapped to my arm.  At the time I was learning how to read clocks.  My parents however were very upset and took me back to the school to find it.  Luckily for me it was in the sandbox, my favorite place to play.  It taught me to value my possessions.  Regardless of how much an item costs its value should come from the fact that I possess it.  I should take care of my things. 

Once I learned how to read clocks I came to appreciate having the watch.  It gave me freedom when I was playing I didn't have to check in or ask friends parents to know if it was near time to go home.  It helped me build responsibility and independence.  It was fun to wind up too.

I made a couple mistakes with perspective on this one.  When I drew the outside metal areas and band I was holding the top closer to myself.  When I drew the inner face and numbers I was holding the bottom closer.  That's why it has a kind of fun house look to it.  The arm in the center was properly shaped in my pencil drawing but when I was putting in the lines a certain curious young lady bumped the book.  This happens fairly often as I love to draw on the couch in the living room with the kids around.  The environment has a good feeling but there are occasional disasters.  What I have learned is that final line drawing is best done in the art room and don't hold the objects I'm drawing.  Did you see that?  Five or one hundred and five, always growing and learning.  EDM List



  1. Great drawing, I think it looks just right as it is.

  2. You inspired me to draw my childhood watch. Had to do it from memory though as I haven't had it for a VERY long time. Wonderful sketch!

  3. Bet my wife would love this one too. Then again, hers would have been broken long long time ago.

  4. You still have your childhood watch...! This is a lovely sketch, my favorite is the strap part.

  5. You still have your childhood watch...! This is a lovely sketch, my favorite is the strap part.

  6. What a wonderful treasure from your past and a great drawing of it. I loved reading your story, too. nancy

  7. This is a great sketch, I think! If you don't tell me about errors, I don't see them. I often think something is very wrong with parts of my pictures, and then show it to an honest family member who will point out something else that I didn't even notice that is wrong with the picture - they don't even notice the other error.

    I personally think there is nothing wrong with this one - it looks great!

  8. My favorite part "a certain curious young lady bumped the book". Hehe. In my house, it's a certain adorable dog scratching his chin who bumps the table leg - but same result. ;)

    It's a very nice sketch, very delicate.


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