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Draw Something You'll Give Away

10-3-2011 For this EDM I drew the stuffed monkey, toucan and frog from the rotating top of my daughters swing.  At some point in the near future she won't have a need for the swing and we will be giving it away to a new baby family.  It's sad to watch her baby items go.  She's 10 months old and much of her clothes have been her 3 yr old sister's as well.  I try to focus on their achievements like one counting to 10 and the other starting to let go of furniture to walk.  Sometimes when I look at them napping I remember the late night feedings, the first smiles and even the first couple days when they were new at the hospital.  My oldest daughter is 16 yrs and I know where this is going.  I'm on both sides of this motherhood trip.  There isn't much time for sadness.  I drew the objects in cool grays it seems to fit the overall mood.  The shadows are warm grays to give it dimension.

EDM 320


  1. What a nice way to remember something so sweet. Very nice.

  2. The image is almost like a puzzle with all those heads coming out of it. ;-) It's good to know that even when you give something away yu still have the picture you took the time drawing. Nice.

  3. Nicely done! Well, the good thing about your keeping a sketch journal, is that you can record all of these moments to look back on later!

  4. You will love looking over your journals again as they grow up. This one is really nice! nancy

  5. Someday when you look back at this page, it will bring a big smile on your face I am sure. Beautifully drawn, love the different shades of grey


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