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Draw Your Hair in the Morning

10-24-2011 All I am looking at in the morning is in my hand...toothbrush, hair brush and coffee. I'm not thinking about my looks, I'm more interested in my comfort.  Now I know why. After I read the next EDM on the list I started looking up at myself in the morning. Not good at all. Anyone who remembers the 90's rock "hair" bands, yeah that is me in the morning. Not drawing that, no way, but this is my favorite brush. Best hairbrush I have ever owned it works good for making the hair band look go away.

EDM 317


  1. How funny! I've the opposite problem: when I wake up in the mornings everything is glued down to my head. Except, of course, where my head was hitting the pillow, and there is will have a cowlick.

    Wonderful sketch of your brush!

  2. Chicken! (But a creative solution to the challenge ...)

  3. You have that 90's hairstyle too? That's the same reason I haven't sketch myself in the morning. Love the brush!

  4. I like it!! Great idea to draw your brush instead. Blessings Niki x

  5. Nice take on this prompt. Great drawing.

  6. Nice one! You did so well illustrating the brush and made it popped out of the page. =)


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