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Draw Your Sunglasses

10-25-2011 Pretty complex drawing I tried to break it down into simple shapes and worked it in four separate areas rather than trying to take on the whole thing at once.  Even the shading on this one was tough because it had the view through the eye piece glass and the shadow on the other side of the glass with light shining through it.  I chose this angle for the difficulty and feel really good with the final outcome. 

EDM 11


  1. I think you really captured the lights and shadows. Reflections are also tricky. This looks so realistic. This is an awesome drawing!

  2. Terrific Mary! And yes they do look real.

  3. I like this one a lot! Very sleek looking, and it must have been difficult to capture both the shape of the glasses and the shadow.

  4. The angle was definitely a great choice. I think the shadows really make this a superb sketch. Very well done!

  5. Nicely drawn! It looks so 3D and that it jumped out of the page

  6. wow, that is great. it looks like the glasses are sitting on the actual page. love the shadows.


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