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Draw Your Hand

10-13-2011 I'm not a fan of drawing hands they always seem to have a witch like look to them.  I was more interested in getting this completed so I could move onto the next fun project.  I didn't trace my hand but the picture is about the same size.  I was holding it up and at an angle while sketching it.  I used my artistic license on the fingernails as mine are quite short this month.  I threw the multiliner on top when I went to snap the picture because it looked like something was missing in the photos.  On to the next EDM.

EDM 10


  1. I like how you put the pen on the page just as it would sit in your hand! Wonderful sketch!

  2. My hands always look like sausages but yours turned out well....I would have painted the nails red or purple just to complete the look!


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