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Stop Think and Play Make the Heart Glow

Just for the record I absolutely LOVED making these art cards.  The colors, the way they flowed across the paper.  Everything about them I felt as they were created.  There was quite a bit to learn with regard to color placement.  An entire piece can be ruined simply by improper placement.  I had multiple test sheets for Heart of the Matter, Concentration and Warm Glow.  It ticked me off that Warm Glow didn't fall into place.  Such a simple design, right?  It was originally drawn as a white daisy and brown moth but the moth's size with regard to the flower kept forcing my mind to see a sunflower.  A brown moth on a sunflower would get so totally lost in the brown flower center that the whole thing was revamped.  Concentration took the most strokes to create.  There are layers upon layers of warm violets and cool blue violets.  I really wanted the petals to have the look of velvety depth.  Every card has a creation story, here were two.  Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did bringing them to life.

At Play

Warm Glow

Stop Over


Heart of the Matter

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