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Draw Your Favorite Well-Loved Object or a Childhood Toy

09-25-2011 There really isn't any object I love on anymore, not like when I was a child.  Digging up childhood toys would be difficult as all of them have gone by way of the garbage or were given away.  This is a small stuffed dog that I have hanging around on my art desk.  One of the only toys that I personally own.  In a house full of kids there is no shortage of exposure to toys.  It reminds me of a toy I had as a child that I named Scruffy.  That toy was loved on quite a bit.  When I was little my parents gave me the choice of any stuffed animal at the toy store and I picked the dog.  I chose it because it would be the perfect baby to go with a stuffed mama dog I had at home.  For whatever reason it ended up being my favorite bedtime companion. 



  1. Cute puppy, and I love your story.

  2. This is super adorable! Nice little story to go with it, along with all the fond memories I am sure ^^

  3. Very cute! And a wonderful drawing!

  4. Beautiful shadows and textures and yes, I agree, He Is Cute!

  5. I think this brings out one of the best things about the challenges...the memories! Wonderful drawing and cute story! I don't have any of my childhood toys. In fact, I don't recall have tons of them...we played outside all day.

  6. What a sweet drawing and a sweet story to go with it. It's a very cute dog. nancy

  7. Very good drawing! You can feel the fluffiness of the toy.


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