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Draw Your Bed

09-22-2011 Today is our wedding anniversary.  Myself and the mister have been married for four years.  Time flies when you argue like cats and dogs.  That's not actually all true.  We mostly get along well, he is my best friend.  He is also a sure battle when I'm in the mood for a good disagreement.  I've always liked that about him.  Someone should have warned him that it wasn't going to be just marriage.  It was also going to be a test of wills and wits on a regular basis.  For today's EDM I drew my side of our bed on the inside left of my Moleskine.  It's across from the coffee I drew for EDM 4 - Draw a Cup since he used to always bring Wawa coffee in the morning to see me.  It seemed more sentimental to me.  When he was gone the smell of him would linger on the cup.  That memory makes me smile.  We have a charming dark wood colonial style bedroom set with a light blue tiny floral quilt.  Snuggling him makes the room complete.  I drew this in shades of gray.  No particular reason, it was just what I had in my hand.



  1. Happy Anniversary Mary.
    And I love the sketch.

  2. Happy Anniversary! this reminds me of how I feel about the bed me and the other half share and how it would never be that cosy with just me...let's hope I still feel that way in 4 years too!!

  3. Looks like a lovely bed. Happy anniversary!

  4. Happy anniversary and definitely looks like a comfy bed. I am working night shift, so I really am missing my bed badly ^^

  5. Happy anniversary! Yesterday was also my 44th birthday. Did I say 44? No, that couldn't be right!

    Great drawing!


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