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Draw Something Green

09-28-2011 This would have been a lot easier with color and if I didn't put it on top of the glass spoon prop.  The shadows and highlights within the glass were super tough and I was doggedly determined to get it done.  The leaf is from the tree in our backyard.  I don't know what kind of tree it is but it gets some palm sized creamy colored flowers in the spring and some red berry bunches in the summer.  The leaves stay green longer than the other leafy trees in the yard in the fall.  If anyone knows what it might be I'd love to know. 

EDM 116


  1. Well, I'm clueless about what kind of tree it is, but the drawing is certainly a good one! nancy

  2. It's not a magnolia tree, is it? You said 'palm-sized' but the one across the street from me gets much larger. Then they have the seed things, whatever they're called, which are red. Nice sketch!

  3. Looks like a magnolia leaf to me too - the flowers are beautiful in the spring. I think you did the glass really well - lovely sketch.


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