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Draw a Garden Tool

09-23-2011  I pondered this challenge for a few days my neighbors must have thought I was crazy. I went out to the shed with my daughter in tow. She's used to moms art life and loves to tag along for the next big adventure. Pulling out one tool after another arranging them so shadows fell correctly, standing there occasionally holding them, head tilted and staring. At one point I was disgusted at how plain they all were. Back into the house, back out again.  Every one was so straight. Yuck.  Back into the house, back out another day.  I'm a bear when it comes to straight lines.  I puff up my chest, I growl and scowl and want to do something else. Something with curves movement and life that's what I'm looking for.  Then it occurred to me to put the shovel in the garden.

This is the shovel that placed every seed and tiny plant into our now mature flower garden. Full of lovely seed grown zinnias, marigolds, sunflowers and a few other started flowers that were picked up from the garden market. The red mulch that we paid a little extra for because it was supposed to keep the weeds away did not do its job. My oldest daughter will attest to that fact because it was her summer job to maintain weed control this year. So this tool was used for loosening roots of naughty weeds too. Very busy little tool. Since it was a key credit in creating and maintaining the garden it seemed befitting to draw it there. 

EDM 324


  1. One of the most useful tools in the garden. I like how you sketched it in use!

  2. Nice! Looks like you have a good one too. I have a good one, but for some reason I can only ever find the bad one...the one the handle falls off while using it!


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