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Draw Something Related to What You Do

09-24-2011 When I think of "what you do" I immediately think of jobs.  Currently I'm a stay at home mom.  There are lots of objects related to the work I do around here.  I chose to draw what I would like to be the objects of my future career.  My personal goal is to work from my home studio that will keep me close to our little girls.  I currently don't know how to make money with my art skills. 

EDM 322


  1. I think you've done a great job on this and I like how you think...keep visualizing this goal and practicing...maybe it will come true!

  2. I agree with Raena .. Keep visualizing it, keep drawing, and one day you'll be selling your art!

  3. Oooh.. I think we do somehow share the same kind of dream. I actually hope that one day I'd be able to teach art...the unconventional way(since I am pretty much self-taught), and I think I'd have a lot of fun in doing that.
    But I am sure you'll come out with something to turn your art into mullah ^^

  4. Ah yes, the ideal job for us creatives! It will happen, believe in what you do and always follow through! Hmmm, I might just listen to my own advice every once in a while!!
    Love, love love your sketch. :0)

  5. Great job, love to watch drawings of art supplies. (Second comes books and food :-P) Good luck with your dream career!


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