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Draw Something Forbidden

09-26-2011 This is something that is self forbidden.  For the safety of my children and ultimately myself as well I do not text when I am driving.  It was a bad habit that I did often regardless of the laws that were passed in NJ.  It was never the fear of the fines that made me stop it was the desire to do the right thing for the people I loved.  It's my gift to them to keep them as safe as possible when they are riding with me. 

EDM 321


  1. It can be really frightening to be driving along and notice the driver in the next lane not looking at the road but holding their cell phone, either calling or texting. Good for you for being a safe driver! That's a great sketch!

  2. I'm with Ann! And it is amazing HOW MANY people I seeing doing this on a daily basis! It is great that you do this for your family...but also for the other families who could have loved ones hurt in the accidents! Well done on the sketch!

  3. I say, ditto! You've decided to give a gift to everyone, including yourself! That's just great. nancy

  4. Good for you! great sketch too.

  5. you've definitely made the right decision there. Texting while driving only spells accidents. Nice sketch =)
    Thanks for your comments

  6. Good idea, both for the sketching challenge and the driving!
    Great sketch.


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