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Draw a Purse Wallet or Bag

09-19-2011 This is a canvas bag that a flea market vendor gave us to carry the books that my daughter chose.  It's a vacation destination souvenir to somewhere I've never been nor heard of.  It's a perfect bag to carry all my travel art supplies.  I like keeping it prepacked.  It has a case with a nice cross selection of liner pens, shading pens, a graphite pencil for rough drawing, knead eraser, ruler and a clipboard.  Then all I need to add is the paper that I'm working with depending upon the project at hand.  Since we have a two story house it's nice to be able to grab this on the run.  Sometimes the kids are just too rambunctious for me to be able to work in my art space.  Mom and art on the go can go hand in hand.  Now that is my idea of a vacation destination. 



  1. Nice page (like how it is angled) and I think the drawing is great!

  2. Lovely sketch. I like the little element of red in a further black and white picture.

  3. Love the way you've positioned the bag across the page, great sketch! I have a bag like this for all my school 'junk' that comes back and forth with me so I can grab and run in the morning too - lifesavers!

  4. Bags for 'art on the go' are indispensable, aren't they!? Wonderful sketch!

  5. Great drawing of your art bag. It's great to be able to just grab and go! nancy


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