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Draw Something That Scared You

09-15-2011 This week the two little girls and I went to the local lake.  Just a nice sunny day outing.  There were so many geese and a even few swans on the beach.  We decided to get out of the van and get a closer look.  The swans were very large, their height almost eye to eye with my three year old.  I know this for a fact because they came close enough for us to decipher that they did not want us there.  After we returned to our vehicle we were able to figure out that the reason they wanted us away was for the safety of their baby.  The same reason I was leaving, for the safety of mine.

EDM 239


  1. Very nice! Swans look so beautiful and can be so aggressive... and clearly "parent swans" are even more so. Glad all the parents and all the babies were okay.

  2. They are as pretty as they are territorial :D I always stay away from them, but they do look graceful from far away, just like your drawing

  3. How funny! Great story and wonderful sketch. Glad your kids weren't hurt!

  4. Beautiful sketch, I have heard of nasty attacks by swans so you were lucky!

  5. Cool sketch! Love the perspective.

  6. Cool sketch! Love the perspective.


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