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Draw a Desk Lamp

09-14-2011 This is the lamp on my drawing desk.  It came with our garage when we bought the house.  It stayed in there for a long time and I looked at it a few times before I decided to use it.  It is quite old, it was filthy with what could have been decades of dirt.  I cleaned it up and enjoy the adjustable arm as well as the way it concentrates the light over my work area.  I love the bulbs I use with it they make everything so true to life like natural light.



  1. I think I have the same lamp! And, I used it for my EDM too. Nicely done. I enjoyed browsing your blog.

  2. my dad was a professional artist, and had a lamp similar to this. it is still in the basement (his studio).


  3. Well done! I've had several of these throughout the years and I have no idea what ever became of them! They are great for concentrating light. But, when I had them, all the bulbs still put off lots of heat.

  4. Great drawing. I could use a lamp like that. The light in my studio is terrible at night.

  5. Wonderful sleek lines, I like the way your drawing half starts in the fold of the two pages!! I desperately need a good light source.

  6. Ooooh! Nice one, the lighting is perfect!

  7. I like how this fills the page and disappears! Do you use the natural daylight bulbs?


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