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100 Card Challenge 57 thru 66

09-17-2011 Holy cow it's been almost a year that I have been working on this project.  Now keep in mind I did take a some time off to have a baby in Dec 2010 so I will give myself a little break. 

This time I upped the count to ten completed together.  Basically I take out my little notebook jot down the items and brainstorm them for a day or two.  Then another day or three to study the objects/subjects that need to be drawn.  A day for loose sketch, a day for good line work.  A week to procrastinate color decisions.  You get the idea.  It's a process. 

I found Sacrifice to be the most relatable card.  As a mother I know the feeling of putting the little ones first.  Also I liked this piece because I used a couple of the color cues from Mona Lisa.  I felt these colors made a powerful impact on the overall mood.  Kick in the Head was the most impossible item to come up with.  The drawing was more of a quitter choice than a devine selection.  I was really thinking about drawing a soccer players foot kicking a toilet but thought better of it.  No Way Out, Rejection, Do Not Disturb, Multitasking and Traps were all pretty simple animal and plant themed cards.  Which I usually do a lot of, they are in my comfort zone.  I am not a huge fan of horror items so when I drew Horror I made it more of a cutesy humor subject.  Fairy Tale and Magic were my favorites of this batch.  I visualized lots of fun things while I was doing them.  Click the link to see all the cards completed so far for the 100 Card Challenge.

Fairy Tale

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