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Flock of Birds

09-07-2011  I really went to town with these birds!  My favorite card is Groovy, I love the way I was able to make the feathers look soft against the rigid background.  There was probably entirely too much time spent on Nodding's red feather areas but I was really trying to give him a bit of substance and depth.  I couldn't quite decide what was going on in the minds of the Three Amigos.  As with any bird group socializing I have them facing three different directions.  It kind of makes it seem like the left two are thinking that what the right one has to say is crazy. 

Have I mentioned how much I love being an artist?  It's so much more than the finished product.  The journey to get there is such a pleasure.  Time well spent.



Three Amigos


  1. Hi Mary, Welcome to EDM. Love these colourful birds, Wow!

  2. Welcome to EDM! I'm a little late with that since I've not been around since February. Love your aceos! Beautiful style and color!


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