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Unique Topics Similar Colors

08-08-2011 These three cards were all created using the same colors.  That is where their similarities end.  I made Japanese Fish for a fan that likes Japanese art styles.  Altered Moonlight was made for a trader who wanted me to surprise her with something.  Think - Inspire is my entry into this months Winner Takes All in one of my favorite clubs.  The theme was Inspirational Quotes and it says, "Don't be a victim of your own emotions."  It is so easy for people to become powerless from fear or anger.  Even when overanalysing your feelings you can paralyze yourself.  All of these cards were done on a different paper then what I usually use.  The ink didn't draw into the paper the way I would have liked it to.  The colors look streaky and not well blended.  My favorite is the fish.

Japanese Fish

Altered Moonlight

Think - Inspire

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