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Guinea Pigs Enjoying a Grass Field

08-01-2011 Since I brought home two sweet guinea pig sows it seemed only fitting for me to draw a few.  My girls are brindle and black and approximately 3 months old.  I'm looking forward to them being full grown at about 12 inches they should make perfect lap buddies.  I drew these artist trading cards with guinea pigs enjoying a grass field for the Beings in Nature swap.  "This swap is all about nature. The only rules are: Your card must feature some part that is hand-drawn or hand-painted, there must be nature (forests, water, wind, fire, something that occurs in nature) and a being (what do I mean by beings? Humans are fine, dryads are fine, mermaids are fine, fairies are fine, animals are fine, furries are fine, a TV NOT A BEING, you get my drift."

Always Time for a Snack

Safe and Sound

I Love Dandelions

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