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Pinky the Guinea Pig

07-11-2011 On the AFA Forum today through the 13th is the Learn-A-Thon. I decided to learn how to draw a guinea pig to honor our newest addition to our family, Pinky the guinea pig. We sold our horses and I was going through the internet looking for information about small pets that have similar smells to horses. Anyone who is a horse person will agree that they smell wonderful. Many horse forums suggested guinea pigs as they are hay grazers and love fruit treats just like horses. She does smell sweet and it's nice to still have a pet that eats hay without breaking the bank. Her cage is in the office with me since it is the safest place around the children during the day. Which makes her the honorary art room assistant. It was peaceful drawing last night while she was making her little ticking and clucking sounds.

Pinky the Guinea Pig

I used a tutorial as a jumping off point since I'm supposed to be learning rather then doing it on my own. As anyone who follows my art will attest to I can't help but throw my twist in. This sketch looks more like Pinky does than the one in the tutorial. It's about 5" X 9" in on the top half of a sketch page in my book that I keep soley for learning and practicing

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