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Clear Mind to Open Creative Doors

07-21-2011 I have almost a half dozen artist trading cards swaps that need to be made.  My mind has been going through the pouty, "I don't wannnnnnaaaaa" for days.  So I drew this journal page.  It's an exercise to help me prioritize emotions that matter the most and help me let go of the useless time consuming feelings that I harbor. 

This is one of my many ways of dumping excess distractions to allow for creativity.  You can try this too.  Draw a your hands setting a bird free.  Fill the hands with what you want to cherish and hold dear.  Fill the bird with what needs to go away.  Not only is the activity fun but your sure to feel relieved too.


  1. Great journal page and fabulous idea. I'm gong to have to copy this one :)


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