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07-02-2011 As a stay at home mother you would think I would have all the time in the world to do all the things I want to do.  It's not the luxurious dance around dusting and vacuuming followed by a cute haha moment with the little ones.  Some days its chaos of apocalyptic proportions.  Other times it's just mind numbingly dull.  That if I hear that damn la la la song one more time....  You catch my drift. 

This week I signed up for the AFA's Draw A Thon.  Scheduled for July 1-3 it seemed like a simple thing to do.  Sketch and share.  Sure, I can catch some time to do that.  My husband will be home.  He could sit with the kids.  Or maybe during their nap time.  I could catch a line or two.  Sneak it in some how.

Well, like many a movie moment of a trip into a haunted house it didn't turn out as planned.  My husband is an inherently busy man.  Always has been always will be.  If there is a domestic need for him, he's on double duty busy.  As for the girls, they don't sleep they never sleep.  My children survive on a non stop go go go.  Perfect example my 3 yr old snuck a plastic bag out of the house as I jogged across the yard next to her asking what the need for the bag was...the answer, her rocks.  Oh boy the sadness that came when I informed her that bags were dangerous items and that rocks are happier in plastic coffee containers.  This is not the first time nor the last.  Three is fun like that.

By this afternoon I was frustrated , fed up and made the time.  Baby on my lap, 3 yr old breathing down my neck.  The result, a smile on my face and a reminder of how lucky I am to have them.

July 2, 2011 Journal Page

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