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Something to Say

06-02-2011 I'm going to try to have something to say. I've been asked by one of my followers why I don't write more in my posts. She had a good point I think the wordiest thing I ever wrote was "I Like These" and that wasn't even a post it was a page. Anyone who has visited and poked through my blog can see that I am not a woman of many words. It's nice to be able to share my art but I stumble when it's time to come up with words to type. It might have something to do with the fact that I talk a lot in my personal life. My mandibular muscles are no doubt the strongest muscles in my body. Leaving no energy in my body for my fingers to tap across the keys. Yes, I hear myself making excuses. I will see what I can do. No promises but I will try. For your sake, the interested reader.

With this post I have attached a page from my art journal.  Drawn with Prismacolor fine line pen and a little quiet time.  The quote is, "Creativity like a butterfly is better left to fly, live and grow then to be captured."  I got the idea for the quote from an article I read that mentioned the difficulty of capturing the artists true intentions for their pieces.  In this page I tried to make the butterfly look like it was squished onto the page.  It doesn't seem to be achieved at the level I imagined it in my mind, but I had no visual references to help.  To run and look stuff up seemed to detract from the zen like quality of the journal time.  I have seen some  fantastic work done with Pressed Fairies.  Much like how people press flowers into books to encapsulate their beauty the same was done with a fairy in art.  Google it you may enjoy it or get kind of freaked out by it.  Either way it will stir an emotion.  Made with Prismacolor 03 fine line pen.

Journal Page




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