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06-15-2011 No this post isn't about a jabberwocky that title is misleading.  Today while surfing the net I saw the word "jabberwocky" I couldn't remember what it was but it sounded like something from my past that my friend would know.  I was going to email her and ask what it meant then it dawned on me.  I can Google it.  It's sad as much as modern technology has helped it is a shame that instead of that opening question to stoke the fire of a fun old time conversation it was a 30 second, "Oh that's what it is."  and then forgotten.  Just a thought. 

Art wise, here is what I am working on today.  It's a work in progress, actually there are six works.  Lately I've been using my sketch book to get the ATC pen work done.  It's easier to tote around and it pushes me to do more then one or two at a time.  There are Lemurs I was supposed to make two but why not three, right?  The other three are more Bumble Bee Pandas.  The one pictured below is in pre-color stage.  The one I drew on May 24 was very popular so I thought I'd add more.  He's a cute character.  I'd love a written story about his daily antics.

Bumble Bee Panda Nap

I also have five more of the one hundred hand drawn cards items in my "brain storming" book.  A lot of ideas go into that book and never see the light of day.  #44 Two Roads is almost solid for sketch.  If there is any good TV tonight I might camp out in front of it and play around with the ideas.

Finally there are three MMH's that I need to do.  They should be fun I already have the ground work for those.  I always love the MMH because I choose from three items.  One of the subjects I chose was a bird on a garbage can.  Doesn't that make you mind picture some funky stuff?  Love it!  Okay enough rambling time to get back to my girls.  If anyone does actually read this, thanks.  It's nice to share.



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