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Crooked House II

06-23-2011 Crooked House II was originally drawn for a special request.  When I checked the request note, as I always do after I draw something.  To get the feel of, "Did I get it right?"  It read as 'cottage' well to me it wasn't a cottage.  So I did a color rework of the most cottage like house I've made to date which was At the Base of the Pink Tree with her color choices of red with white trim.  Thinking poor Crooked House II would sit in the gallery for a little while I was surprised at how quickly it found an owner.  Within five minutes of being uploaded it was spoken for.  That may be a new record.

Crooked House II

Red Cottage

1 comment:

  1. Too fun! I love your crooked house and the cottage is quite quaint:)


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