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100 Card Challenge 41 thru 48

06-30-2011 On a roll!  Last week I drew 41 to 48 of the 100 card challenge.  This week I added the color.  Finally finishing them last night.  My favorite is #43 pictured here. 

#43 of the 100 Card Challenge "Dying"

Teamwork didn't come out as nicely as I would have liked. The drawing was shaky.  Standing Still I strove for getting the glass of the lamp correct.  Dying was a focus on the shadows beneath the water as well as getting the concrete to look very hard with the flower petals soft and light.  Two Roads was a bit more complex then I would have liked.  I think the overall idea is achieved but I had trouble figuring out how to make the sun beam look natural.  Illusion was just for fun.  I had an extra lemur from a previous special request and I thought the look on his face was interesting so I tried to make him look like he was having a psychedelic moment.  Family reminds me of how every family has the Too serious, the Too goofy and the How did I get in this family? members.  Creation makes me imagine flowers and honey bees when I look at it.  I liked the complex thoughts that came with a simple design/name.  Finally Childhood may not make sense to anyone but me.  My first pet as an adult ending my childhood was a cat named Mobley. He was a Turkish Van cat and that is a homage to him and the end of the days of climbing trees.

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