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Copics in My Space - 200th Post!

03-06-2011 When the new Copics came I made it an instant mission to have a good organized area to work with them. I made a color chart and separated them by their codes in a way that will be most efficient for me. 

#1 picture below: right side shows the Set C that I had before the new ones arrived and left is the complete set of Ciaos that I currently own.  Big difference. 

#2 picture is the storage shelves my husband put together for me to use to organize them.   It was made out of hardware bins screwed to a wooden base and back board it keeps everything right at an easy glance and grab.  Once I get more familiar with the colors it will be super easy.  Right now I am pulling out a bin full and reading the sides.  Ciaos don't have the numbers on the end. 

#3 the final picture is the full view of the area on my desk that I use to draw with the other art items I keep handy.

I enjoy seeing other peoples craft rooms so I hope everyone enjoys seeing a little piece of my space.

Copic Chart Before and After

Storage Bins

Desk Area



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