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Black & White Freestyle Art Trading Cards

12-05-2010 There is no greater joy then a blank piece of paper and a pen when the creative juices are flowing.  With no particular place to go... this is where I went.  They were fun and I walked away relaxed and happy.

Miss Moos House

Koi Pond

Chilly Day



Sand Castle

Mud Bath

Balloon Ride

Gonna Get You
Balloon Ride was sent to LindaLee in my ATC Club for the Hot Air Balloon swap.
Sand Castle was sent along with Childhood Games and Toys swap I was hosting.
Chilly Day and Hello were sent to Lisa in my ATC Club for the Jungle Fever swap.
Koi Pond and Smoochy were sent to Corrine in my ATC Club for the I'm in Love swap.
Miss Moos House was sent to Bonnie in my ATC Club for the Art from the Heart swap.
Gonna Get You and Mud Bath were sent to Jackie in my ATC Club for the Anything With Eyes swap.



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