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Zentangles Set Two

9-15-2010 This is the second set in a series for the Zentangle swap. What is a Zentangle? In a word, doodles. Structured, contained doodles.

These cards were created using black Sharpie fine line permanent marker. I like creating my zentangles by starting out with a single object or theme in mind and then working around it.

These three cards were designed around all the things I love about the Wildwood boardwalk in the summer.

'Amusement Park' has three classic rides, the ferris wheel (love the view of the ocean from the top) a merry go round and a roller coaster.

'Pizza' Well, that is pretty much self explainatory.  Nothing like sitting on a bench listening to the waves crashes, the gulls singing and smelling the vendors food combined with the sea air to make the event of eating the slice of pizza complete.

'Toy Claw' What visit to the boardwalk isn't complete without hitting the arcade?  This zentangle includes the claw machine that picks up toys and deposits them at the exit door as a prize.  This machine however deposits hearts as an added bonus.

This set was sent to Resi in my ATC Club for the Zentangle swap.



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