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Zentangles Set Three

9-15-2010 This is the third set in a series for the Zentangle swap. What is a Zentangle? In a word, doodles. Structured, contained doodles.

These cards were created using black Sharpie fine line permanent marker. I like creating my zentangles by starting out with a single object or theme in mind and then working around it.

These three are artfully done swirls passing two and fro throughout one another.  All of these art cards were purposely made as unique as possible.

'Three Out' has figure eight swirls dashing in and out of wide circles complimented by silver circles, the name three out comes from the 3 circles that aren't in shaded areas.

'Red Swirls' was made using red and black mashing together like a bowl of spaghetti.

'Dots' was actually the numbers 1 through 6 passing on and off the paper, if you look closely you can almost make them out.

This set was sent to Resi in my ATC Club for the Zentangle swap.



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