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Zentangles Set One

9-11-2010 This is the first set in a series for the Zentangle swap.  What is a Zentangle? In a word, doodles.  Structured, contained doodles. 

These cards were created using black Sharpie fine line permanent marker.  I like creating my zentangles by starting out with a single object or theme in mind and then working around it.

Card 1 Separate but, the Same.
This card began as 4 floating hearts that became entangled by the center focal point.  Each heart is an unique individual with its own spatial surroundings yet they become one with each other.

Card 2 Weather
As the name hints, this card is a combination of weather circumstances.  The eye being the main building point for this piece.  It looks ahead as the sun rises above it, the beginning.  The rains fall to the right creating a river washing away the platue on the bottom right. The clouds and wind to the left make the mountains rise again.  Like the eye keeps blinking to remain in good health the earth's weather keeps cycling.

Card 3 Sea Life
Sea Life is a 'just for fun' piece incorporating an octopus, seahorse and underwater flower into a flowing checkered circle.

This set was sent to Resi in my ATC Club for the Zentangle swap.



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