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Art Inspirations Series

9-16-2010 Inspirational paintings much like the posters that are sold in stores that help boost people along in down times.

Consider the Elements

Big fish in a small bowl or small fish in a big bowl, which would you rather be?  Neither seems content.  This card is created to make you consider stepping out of your comfort zone in order to try new things.

Let It Go

A painting of a hand letting go of a balloon.  It is supposed to imply exhaling and starting fresh with a project.  Not being afraid to free your mind of the current thoughts and allow for the emptiness that can be filled.

You are the Missing Piece

Creating art is a self fulfilling venture and sometimes we need to be reminded that we are the center piece for the puzzle of our artistic lives in order to bring it into better perspective.

These three cards were sent to Lois in my ATC Club for the Any Theme Goes swap for fellow hand drawing/painting artists which I hope will inspire them during times of dry creativity.



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