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Stonework Romance

8-18-2010 Stonework Romance was submitted to the Painting Photos Challenge #6 Stonework.

When deciding what to paint the mortar lines and geometric shapes were unexciting and I almost put this off to do another project. Then I revisited it from a different point of view. I started looking at the water discolorations and moss in the stone to see if I could find any inspirational shapes. What I found was her. She was upside down and to the right. Just her head and shoulders, she was a woman from the 1800's. I flipped the picture so her head was right side up and then I was able to see her dress cascading down and over. Scanning for more 'story' to the the image, I found him. He was standing on the left ear pressed against the wall listening to her. I knew then what I wanted to paint.

This card was mailed to Bob and Mary in MI from my ATC Club for a blind swap.

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