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8-15-2010 As most of my works tend to be ATC's which are smaller then 5" x 5" as this project requested it was only a natural choice to enter my work into the September 2010 Painting Project: Miniature Still Life

I used these crayons to enhance my skill with light reflection on dull and shiny surfaces combined and to get in a little shadowing practice. I didn't make it traditional still life because the subjects aren't centered. I did however take care with my choice of lighting and background. The object placement was very critical in this project. I liked having the crayons go off the paper as if it implied that there were many more crayons laying around. The degree of difficulty to paint the letters on the labels was much higher for me then I anticipated.

This entry was published online by the painting guide on September 7th Crayons by Mary Walker
This card was sent to Julie in the ATCs for All Forum.

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