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Choosing the Wall Colors for Westville Dollhouse

Decorating fun
The main feel I'm going for is cozy cottage but full of color and life. What better way to do that then with a palette of warms and cools with lots of little patterns. The kitchen/dining room will be the 1st floor right side. Living room 1st floor left side. Bedroom 2nd floor right and bathroom/2nd bedroom 2nd floor left.  I haven't decided if I will do a split chair rail papering or just switch up walls.  Either way it will be a playful good time!

Wall and Floor Assembly Westville Dollhouse

Before the walls began going up I added lines to simulate wood planks on the 1st and 2nd floors. I installed the initial walls, paid very close attention to gluing instructions and left areas unglued where needed so that the stairs can be installed later. This part came together very easily for me. I enjoyed seeing it become 3D.

Finished Painting and Wallpapering Staircase for Westville Dollhouse

Papered with living room colors
Closet with a faux worn look
We had some Behr house paint in the garage so I used it to give the staircase I nice clean coat. With my first time wallpapering I learned a few tricks. First I only have limited supplies of craft paper so using the HP scanner I copied them onto matte finish project paper.  I attached them with 3M Super 77 great stuff movable while working and strong when dry. The closet and the attic will have an old worn looking paper I found with a Halloween scrap booking set. I just love little details like this. Who ever makes their closets pristine?

Prepping Walls and Floors Westville Dollhouse

I located all the walls and floors the instructions would have pleased me if they would have listed the removal process with the wood sheets in chronological order instead of flipping through the stack for every single part. At this point they all need a light sanding on the edges.  I will get that done today.

Popped and Prepped Stairs for the Westville Dollhouse

After I located all of the pieces popped them out with a pencil eraser side down I sanded them placed them on wax paper and primed all sides with Gesso.  I'll be building the stairs using Fast Grab Tacky glue and when that dries adding Elmers wood glue to the gaps under each step to reinforce them.



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