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Trimmed Out Interior and Painted Bay Windows Westville House

The bay window areas are painted now.  The kitchen is aqua and the living room is pink. I love the balance it has with the yellow bedroom and green bathroom. The windows are all trimmed out I used hot glue to make the project quick.  Steady hands while cupping my fingers into the corners squared them well.

Shutters Installed Westville Dollhouse

My daughter picked the cute little embellishments on the bay windows, I love them. After I finshed assembling the shutter pieces I installed them using hot glue.  I put a fresh coat of cool gray on the porch foundation and another layer around the entire foundation.

Exterior Paint Done and Exterior Window Trim Added Westville Dollhouse

It makes me smile looking at this shade of blue. When the sun shines in my art room it looks so pretty. The siding stayed nice and tight without a single buckle. I'm very pleased.  After everything was dry I added the exterior window trim with hot glue.

Siding Continued and Testing Paint Westville Dollhouse

Siding and Test Painting
I've seen quite a bit of blogs documenting the buckling of the birch siding I am using on this house. I've chosen Behr low moisture high quality paint and hot glue since it too will introduce no moisture into the siding. Small areas came up well. Let's see how the 12" pieces fair later on.

Cutting Siding Around Trim Westville Dollhouse

Detail Work

Close Up of Window Siding

I've installed the trim first.  I believe it realistically compliments the overall look of the house having the siding cut around the shapes of the window trim. It is much more effort but it can be fun like making my own puzzle pieces. One window opening at a time.



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