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Crochet Throw New Project Sneak Peak with Link to Pattern

These are the colors I'll be working with on the next big crochet project.  Pretty aren't they?

The yarn is 100% cotton I Love This Cotton brand from Hobby Lobby and Peaches and Cream.  It's going to be the In Love with Color throw and of course I'm sharing the pattern link!!!  I believe it will be super soft and snuggly.  I'll also be sharing WIP updates as I go along drop me a note if you've made this throw before or are planning on doing it, I'd love to hear from you.

  Have a great day!

In Love with Color Throw Pattern

Crochet Coverlet Project Done

Instead of continued squares to a queen size for the coverlet project I've decided to stop at 48" x 84" As I stitched it together I realized queen would be too busy and take away from the individual squares. I'm glad to call this project done. 112 hours and almost miles of yarn done. So done!

Crochet Coverlet Project Update

Here are the last ten 12" squares I've made for the Crochet Coverlet Project I have accumulated thirty of them.  The original goal is forty nine to make a Queen size I'm going to start sewing them together.

Odyssey Crochet Square Coverlet Project with Link to Pattern

This pattern square means I'm now up to number thirty! That many makes a great stack. When I made it to 20 I was interested in laying them out. At 30 I'm just really impressed with stack height. I wonder when I'll feel another big accomplishment?

Odyssey Square Pattern

Chores Are Done Enjoying a Summer Afternoon

Done doing what I have to do and finally doing sosmething I want to do. Life is good.

Ami'Pal Crochet

Free Patterns! Cuddle sized animals that work up fast, use very little yarn and are fun projects to make for yourself or that special someone. See them NOW!



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