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Painting Window Trim Pierce Dollhouse

Knocking it out quickly
I came up with a great trick to help me quickly paint the large amount of window pieces that this Pierce build has given me.  Laying them all down on masking tape made them super easy to paint smoothly.  I can even lift and move them.  The toppers looked a little like a skeleton when I moved them.

Kitchen Bay Side and Porch Floor Painting Pierce Dollhouse

Kitchen Bayside
The kitchen bay side and the tower both have gaps that I was able to fill with wooden skewers.  I added a final paint coat to the porch.  The two greens look so similar that I decided to scrap the accent green in favor of a cream.
Porch from side door opening

Porch from front door opening

Building the Tower and Painting Their Spaces

Tower when I started adding interior paint
Tower as it is drying
The tower is one of the magical aspects of this dollhouse.  I accented them within each room with special solids and this is the first coat.  I will add more coats to enrich the color as they dry.
The Tower 

Wallpaper Installed and Stairwell Details Pierce Dollhouse

All the rooms
The wallpaper is all put up.  The second floor and attic were a breeze but I was puzzled with the first floor rooms.  After much consideration I went with my gut.  Fancy three papers at the entry and a low key warn look with the same paper as the attic for the kitchen.  I shared a closeup of the stairwell details.  I like how it looks like carved wood.

***The pics below show the tower and kitchen bay installed.  I just added these pics to give you more close ups of the room wallpapers.  The building posts for those areas will be added in the near future.
craft room

Kitchen (same paper as attic)

Second Bedroom

Living Room Right

Living Room Left


Thinking and Working on the Walls Pierce Dollhouse

All the walls are primed and it's time to look forward to wallpaper.  The next blog post will be picture heavy so you can see each room.  Exciting!




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