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Odyssey Crochet Square Coverlet Project with Link to Pattern

This pattern square means I'm now up to number thirty! That many makes a great stack. When I made it to 20 I was interested in laying them out. At 30 I'm just really impressed with stack height. I wonder when I'll feel another big accomplishment?

Odyssey Square Pattern

Chores Are Done Enjoying a Summer Afternoon

Done doing what I have to do and finally doing sosmething I want to do. Life is good.

Ribbons and Roses Crochet Square Coverlet Project with Link to Pattern

Orange and two blues feels so beach surfing to me. I can almost smell the coconut and see the sand sticking to my legs. In this pattern I omitted the ribbon appliques and I'm pretty sure I placed the rose stitches in the wrong place because mine lay flatter. It gives it a more tropical flower feel and I'm good with that.

Ribbons and Roses Square Pattern

Fountain of Roses Crochet Square Coverlet Project with Link to Pattern

If I use my imagination in this pattern I can see a tiny fountain surrounded by roses, divine. I thought about how cute my daughter's little dolls would look if they used this to play. It took me a long time to make but I can attribute that to being outside and swimming not to difficulty.

Fountain of Roses Square Pattern

More V's Please Square Crochet Coverlet Project with Link to Pattern

The color inspiration for this square came from the gallery of completed projects. It's loud and still finds a way to be soft looking. Very fun square pattern to follow my only problem came from the lack of stitch counts.

More V's Please Square Pattern

Ami'Pal Crochet

Free Patterns! Cuddle sized animals that work up fast, use very little yarn and are fun projects to make for yourself or that special someone. See them NOW!



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