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Prepping Walls and Floors Westville Dollhouse

I located all the walls and floors the instructions would have pleased me if they would have listed the removal process with the wood sheets in chronological order instead of flipping through the stack for every single part. At this point they all need a light sanding on the edges.  I will get that done today.

Popped and Prepped Stairs for the Westville Dollhouse

After I located all of the pieces popped them out with a pencil eraser side down I sanded them placed them on wax paper and primed all sides with Gesso.  I'll be building the stairs using Fast Grab Tacky glue and when that dries adding Elmers wood glue to the gaps under each step to reinforce them.

Getting Supplies Ready for the Westville Dollhouse

This picture shows the popped out walls /floors
I didn't get to those until Day Two

I gathered the following supplies: sanding block, nail files for small areas, wood glue for added tightness on joints, tack glue regular and fast grab for most of my glueing needs, glue gun with sticks for shingles & siding, gesso for priming, brushes and paint.

 Took a little time and sorted through my craft papers to find small patterns to use as wallpaper, hopefully I have enough...if not I will make additional copies on my HP printer.

 At the store I snuck in an easy cutter ($27 a little pricey) and skinny sticks for trim work down the line. I chose to come from my husbands "Snap On" point of's a tool therefore it is needed.

New Project Introduction Westville Dollhouse Building

Here's the box.  My newest art project: constructing the Greenleaf Westville dollhouse. I've never built  one of their houses before so let's see how easy/hard it will be!

Dollhouse Made with Foam Windows and Paint Progress

Today I cut out the door and windows.  Constructed with gorilla glue and toothpicks it is surprisingly strong. Finished it off with two coats of house paint hopefully making it durable. Hint: I painted all the pieces with a roller before constructing it to make it super easy.



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