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Art Room Crochet Throw Progress

Already three rows in and I can honestly say I am totally in love with this throw. The individual squares were entertaining to make and now watching the color layout I chose coming together is such a rush!

Bursting with Color Art Room Throw Freestyle Crochet

Something a little different. I'm working loosely to eventually make this into a throw for my art room chair. It gets chilly in there in the winter. I started by making 4" solid granny squares the first two days I made one each of every solid color I had. Then I went back and made combos of cools, warms and similar hues. Today I've started adding black borders and connecting them as I go with a granny join. It's fun to be spontaneous!

In Love with Color Throw Update

The octagons and squares are all whip stitched together. Tonight I added the four corner pieces and laid out the placement for the twenty triangles. The sewing isn't as frustrating as I feared it might be. It's actually a lot like adding color to a pen work drawing. Just buttoning up the good stuff in life!

Crochet Slippers

With the extra cotton yarn I had around I made these cozy slippers.  These are free styled is a link to a...

Similar Pattern

Color Love Throw Squares Done Ready to Build

Time to sew the pieces together. I loved making the parts let's hope the building is just as good!

Ami'Pal Crochet

Free Patterns! Cuddle sized animals that work up fast, use very little yarn and are fun projects to make for yourself or that special someone. See them NOW!



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