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Loose Sketch of the Kitchen

While I'm waiting for the fried chicken and french fries to finish in the oven a loose sketch from the kitchen.

Any time is a good time to capture the feeling.

Drawing daily in May!

Pen Drawing with Color Fur Real Friends Poopin' Pup

Sketchbook page with toy
Drawings are a great way to capture cherished memories.

Isabelle wanted the Poopin' Pup more with each day that passed getting closer to her birthday.  Someday when the toys are gone we'll have this drawing to remember.

Daily drawing every day in May!

Bubby Boy Line Drawing with a Little Pencil Color

Our puppy boy Bubby Schnauzer/Poodle.

Every day in May, daily drawing.

Every Day in May!! Kickoff Drawing - Froggy

Drawing every day in May!

This is Froggy he is a character in my daughter's library book that forgot his underwear when he went out to play!

Oh My!

Coloring with the Kids

After their Grandmom colored with them one Saturday they began asking me daily to do it too.  I conceded and decided I'd play around with some of the color techniques I learned over the years.  It was fun...I'd welcome the chance to add color to line work any day!



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