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Wallpapered Second Floor and Attic then Built Bay Windows Westville Dollhouse

Second Floor Wallpaper
Bay Windows

Wallpapering went smoother today. Mostly because I could move around easier with no roof. The bay windows are built and drying. I'll consider papering them or just painting them. Not too sure what direction I want to take yet.

Living Room and Kitchen Wallpapered Westville Dollhouse

Living Room
This was a bit more challenging than I anticipated it would be. I needed to puzzle together a few pieces of wallpaper when they weren't long enough. Being smart not to do it in large areas or middle zones the real challenge came from getting the prints to line up.

Instead of leaving the accent areas above the bay windows for white paint I opted to paper them. I enjoy the contrast the squares and stripes in the living room have. The yellow area under the stairs will eventually be a closet.  Also the living room stripe has every color that will run throughout the rest of the house including the aqua from the kitchen. Hopefully tying it all together.

Window Shutter Preparation Westville Dollhouse

All of them have been popped out, sanded and primed. I'm currently considering painting the upstairs and downstairs exterior in different colors so these will have to be separated into the two floors. After I make the paint mixtures so no real rush on these.

Attic Install Westville Dollhouse

The attic has been attached glued and glazed I didn't put the plank lines since the attics I've seen usually just have plywood floors. Primed the right wall and the 2nd floor ceiling. After everything dries I'll go around and touch up where needed.

Staining Floors Installing Stairwell and Glueing Walls Westville Dollhouse

Stairwell Wallpaper

Stained and Glued

With Liquitex glazing medium and a couple drops of brown acrylic paint I stained the floors. I made 1/2" lines on them before with pencil on the 2nd floor and sepia Pitt pen on the 1st floor. The final result is a pine bedroom area and darker living spaces. I wallpapered the wall where the staircase will go, easy as the angle cut paper from papering the stairs matched perfectly without cutting. Installed the stairs, the paint thickening the top made it a hard push, so glad I double glued the stairs! Afterwards I glued around the base of the walls. Weighting the 2nd floor down was the only way to secure the stairwell top.



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