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Exterior Details on the Pierce Dollhouse

Dragonfly and also added shutters
Shingles and siding
The siding is done I've used scallop edges and plank siding.  The roof is also finished.  I added a little dragonfly to the entry gable.  I've been focused more on working on the house rather than documenting it. 

Fresh Windows Pierce Dollhouse

Double window
Oval window
Little details like adding the window 'glass' and fresh paint around the inside of them feels good.  It brings finished touches to the project at a time when my energy reserves feel the lowest.

Pain in the Ass Window Trim Pierce Dollhouse

Looking Up
Bay side
Right side
The window trim in this dollhouse kit is a pain in the ass.  Plain and simple.  Each window has an exterior sill, 2 sides, a top and a topper then the inside has a sill, 2 sides and a top.  For those not keeping track that is 9 pieces per window.  Insanity.

Painting Window Trim Accents Pierce Dollhouse

Purple everywhere
A pretty soft shade of purple the same as the porch flooring for the window trim accent pieces.

Painting Window Trim Pierce Dollhouse

Knocking it out quickly
I came up with a great trick to help me quickly paint the large amount of window pieces that this Pierce build has given me.  Laying them all down on masking tape made them super easy to paint smoothly.  I can even lift and move them.  The toppers looked a little like a skeleton when I moved them.



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