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Colorful Triangle Crochet Throw with Link to Pattern

If you enjoy making individual pieces then joining them at the end you will love making this throw.  Little achievements that turned into a nice sized warm throw. 

The triangles were made with single crochets and decreases, whip stitched together.  Then against the suggestion of the pattern I HDC two border rows. 

Happy crocheting!

How to Weave in Ends to Finish Crochet Projects

Let's begin by saying I hate to sew.  For me crochet is peaceful and soothing, sewing is slave labor intensive.  I've found a way to finish my crochet project that doesn't feel like sewing, it is as enjoyable as the actual crocheting.

I start by leaving a 6" tail for each end that needs to be finished.  Referring to the picture below and using the big pink one on the far left for my I hook worsted weight DC projects.  Basket weave on the bottom of the wrong side of stitch over/under 7 across then turn and go back through the other side of each.  Snip ends.

Fun and easy.  You can choose to weave at the end of your project or as each tail becomes available.

Finishing needles:

Double Crochet Blanket Without Flipping

Started basket weaving ends into seven stitches 
Left hand corner is the wrong side
This is one of the two twin size rainbow stripe blankets I'm making.  Instead of flipping my work for each row I'm getting a more uniform right side and wrong side.  To do this I chained then did row one the normal way.  For row two I ch3 skipped a space then DC between each stitch adding one stitch into the top of the last stitch.  Row three is ch3 with DC in between every stitch.  And repeat.

Basicly each row that skips one on the left adds one on the right and every row that adds one on the left just goes between only.  It's easier than it sounds. 

If you decide to try this technique I would suggest you do a sample square first to get comfortable.  You could also use stitch markers to distinguish which row is which as I did for my first project like this.

Happy crocheting!

Petals and Trinities with the Starburst Hotpad Crochet Pattern Linked Within

My kitchen has a bland white tiled area just above the dishwasher that always needs a splash of color.  It's a perfect place to display a new crochet project every few months.  For this quarter I used the easy and fun Starburst Hotpad.  With cotton in deep black and warm brown to help ward off chilly nights.  It worked up fast in one evening while the kids watched their cartoons.

My Labor of Extreme Color Love Queen Crochet Bedspread

My labor of love!

Made using a puff top double crochet going in one direction with 21 skeins of red heart super saver. The edges are weaved in with a 7 stitch basket weave.  Queen sized 84" x 84" it took me 8 months to complete.  The row colors are worked 1-2-1 dark to light then light to dark.  It's exceedingly warm and cozy.  I LOVE it!



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